VFW Celebrates Black History Month

America’s armed forces would not be the impenetrable force it is today without the service and bravery of our African American veterans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Every February, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is honored to join the nation in celebrating Black History Month, bringing the service and achievements of our Black service members and veterans to the forefront.

2022 Black History MonthWhen Carter G. Woodson set out in 1926 to establish a time to promote and educate people about Black history and culture, he wanted to remind Americans that Black history is America’s history. While initially observed as a weeklong commemoration, it was President Gerald Ford who, in 1976, issued the first official observance and the establishment of Black History Month, a homage for which every American president, Democrat and Republican, has issued proclamations. 

Black History Month offers the opportunity to both celebrate and educate generations on the triumphs and success stories, as well as the disparities faced by a rich cultural heritage that has played such a vital role in making our country what it is today. 

Neither America, nor its armed forces would possess such strength and the long history of success without the innumerable contributions and bravery of our Black veterans. The VFW proudly salutes you.