From Struggling to Finding Strength

In PatientsLikeMe's video series, veteran and PatientsLikeMe member Lynn tells his story

At PatientsLikeMe, a member of the VFW’s Mental Wellness Campaign, we’ve been shining a spotlight on voices in the veteran community. We’ve heard from a military caregiver battling caregiver fatigue, a lung cancer survivor celebrating a year cancer free, and a veterans advocate who shared how he stays calm with embroidery. 

Today, we’d like to introduce Lynn, an Iraq war veteran living with PTSD and depression. Lynn shared about how he went from struggling daily to crossing the finish line of the Bataan Death March, a 26-mile trek through high desert terrain. 

“I was smoking, drinking every night, making bad decisions,” Lynn says, until friends, family and military colleagues helped him quit. “I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off me, I beat what I was facing. And here I am.” 

Lynn now has a successful career helping veterans, and encourages other veterans to reach out for help. 

Watch Lynn’s video below. 

At PatientsLikeMe we continue to be committed to bringing veteran voices like Lynn’s to the forefront by listening to and learning from the nearly 18,000 veterans on PatientsLikeMe. Interested in meeting and connecting with other veterans? Join PatientsLikeMe today. 

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PLM Author Sam KThis guest article was written by Sam K., with PatientsLikeMe.