#MoreThan Lung Cancer

PatientsLikeMe member and veteran Joe shares about being a survivor

November was Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and as part of an ongoing video series from PatientsLikeMe - a key supporter of the VFW Mental Wellness Campaign - we heard from veteran Joe on his battle with lung cancer.

“Yesterday was my first birthday,” Joe says. “One year, cancer free.”

PatientsLikeMe launched the #MoreThan series to highlight the roles members play beyond patient or caregiver. In the series, we hear from a veteran caregiver, a veteran living with PTSD, and now Joe. When he was first diagnosed, Joe said it woke him up to his own mortality.

“What’s going to happen to my family? My kids, my grandkids?”

Watch as Joe shares why he’s #MoreThan lung cancer in the video below.



PatientsLikeMe continues to be committed to bringing the veteran and caregiver voice to the forefront by listening to and learning from the nearly 18,000 veterans on PatientsLikeMe. Have a #MoreThan story you’re interested in sharing on social media? Find out how at morethan.patientslikeme.com

PLM Author Sam KThis guest article was written by Sam K., with PatientsLikeMe.