#MoreThan Caregiver Fatigue

Emery shares her story as a Hidden Hero

As we reflect on National Family Caregivers Month, it’s important to remember that elevating the veteran voice doesn’t just include veterans, it also includes caregivers, the Hidden Heroes of the military community. PatientsLikeMe, a VFW Mental Wellness Campaign partner, recently kicked off a video series asking members to share the roles they play outside of being a patient or caregiver. One story we heard was from Emery, spouse of and caregiver to an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

After her husband collapsed and was hospitalized for almost eight weeks, Emery went from wife to military caregiver in an instant. “I had a lot of guilt, I felt horrible. I was his spouse, I should have known.” Emery opens up and shares about being on the caregiver side of chronic illness.

Find out why this Hidden Hero is #MoreThan caregiver fatigue in the video below.  



As a supporter of the VFW’s Mental Wellness campaign, we continue to be committed to bringing veteran and caregiver voices like Emery’s to the forefront by listening to and learning from the nearly 18,000 veterans on PatientsLikeMe. Keep an eye out, we’ll be sharing more stories and insights from some of your fellow veterans soon.

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PLM Author Sam KThis guest article was written by Sam K., with PatientsLikeMe.