#MoreThan PTSD: Darryl Shares Why His Condition Doesn’t Define Him

PatientsLikeMe's video series raises veteran voices

PatientsLikeMe, a member of the VFW’s Mental Wellness Campaign, recently kicked off a new video series that asked patients, “What are all the roles you play in life beyond ‘patient’?” One of the many stories we heard was from Darryl, a member of the PatientsLikeMe veteran community. Darryl is a veterans’ advocate, a State Officer in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and is living with PTSD.  

He's also a father and a grandfather, and he owns an embroidery business, "It helps me calm down by focusing on outward things, and not inward things."

Darryl shared his story with us, and how he came to recognize that he was more than PTSD. 

Watch Darryl’s video below. 



There’s power in stories, and PatientsLikeMe will continue to make them heard. Keep an eye out for more stories from our Veteran community coming soon. Have a #MoreThan story you’re interested in sharing on social media? Find out how at  MoreThan.PatientsLikeMe.com.

As a supporter of the VFW’s Mental Wellness campaign, we continue to be committed to bringing the veteran voice to the forefront by listening to and learning from the nearly 18,000 veterans on PatientsLikeMe. Keep an eye out, we’ll be sharing more stories and insights from some of your fellow veterans soon. 


PLM Author Sam KThis guest article was written by Sam K., with PatientsLikeMe.