VFW Salutes Veterans of the Iraq War

Five years later, the VFW honors their service and sacrifice

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – December 15 marks the fifth anniversary of the end of the Iraq War, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. pauses to salute and honor our nation’s more than 1.5 million Iraq War veterans who answered our nation’s call.

Born from the ashes of September 11, our nation’s newest greatest generation stood strong in the face of evil and ignorance, and they showed the world America will not succumb to fear.

We can be assured that our patriotic men and women who have and are still serving overseas remain bright and shining examples of liberty for all nations — and that their moments of valor and courage represent all that is good in the human spirit.

As veterans, we understand there is no duty greater than protecting our citizens, our ideals and our American way of life. This week, and every week, we salute and remember the American veterans of the Iraq War.

Thank you for your dedication, bravery and service.