NFL's Troy Polamalu Joins VFW in Challenging Fans to Stand United for Veterans

Initiative is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to help veterans

This November, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. (VFW) and well-renowned NFL player Troy Polamalu join together to urge Americans everywhere to stand UNITED FOR VETERANS in support of VFW’s historic 2012 Veterans Day campaign.  The initiative is dedicated to raising awareness and funds that help veterans secure their VA benefits, smoothly transition to civilian life and apply to receive assistance for necessities like rent, mortgage payments and food. The VFW is excited about the opportunity to work with Troy to help raise awareness and funds to help veterans and military families in need.

“I am proud to come from a family of veterans,” says Polamalu. “I know firsthand what our support means for veterans and their families. This year, in honor of Veterans Day and the holiday season, I'm showing my appreciation for the men and women who have protected our country by joining the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ movement to help give back to those who truly deserve our assistance.”

Strong safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers and a USC graduate, Troy has an exceptional record: he’s a 6-time Pro Bowl Selection, 4-time NFL All-Pro, 2010 AP Defensive Player of the Year, 2-time Super Bowl Champion, 2010 NFL Alumni Player of the Yearand stands out for having the #1 selling jersey in the country.  Recently named one of the most likeable players in the NFL by Forbes Magazine, Troy is leveraging his public persona and patriotism in support of UNITED FOR VETERANS. Supporters can join Team Troy at 

With waves of new veterans recently home from the war, support for America's veterans has never meant more than it does right now. Leading up to Veterans Day and through the holiday season, VFW supporters will lend their voices and rally their communities to stand UNITED FOR VETERANS.  

The UNITED FOR VETERANS platform empowers supporters to join with the thousands of Americans who are coming together to stand UNITED FOR VETERANS by claiming a badge to pledge their support for veterans. The badges can then be shared through social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter. Supporters are also able to start their own personal fundraising campaign on behalf of the VFW to support the thousands of troops who have returned home and face a long road to recovery.  

Photos of these supporters will be featured on Throughout the month of November, photos of supporters standing UNITED FOR VETERANS will also be published on the digital screens of Time Square, generating millions of impressions each day.