Prepping Military Teens for College Exams

New VFW member benefit helps military families prepare for college.

Tremendous challenges face America’s military families, especially when frequent relocations are involved. Military families move approximately every two years and military children will attend six to nine different schools between kindergarten and high school graduation. 

Students face the stress of making new friends and leaving others behind. They must become acquainted with new schools at awkward times, and the stress can affect their school performance. It is especially difficult for high school students preparing for college. 

The SAT/ACT exams are one of the most important tests in a child’s life. Above average scores can result in thousands of dollars in scholarships and acceptance to preferred universities. The best way to improve score results on the SAT or ACT—and thus increase a student’s odds of receiving scholarships and getting into the school of their choice—is to practice. By practicing students become acquainted with the format, the timing and the subject-matter on the tests. 

But families do not need to spend a fortune preparing their students for SAT and ACT exams. Many programs allow self-paced practice that fits the military student’s needs and lifestyle. 

There are excellent SAT/ACT test prep programs on the market; many contain hours of video instruction, animation, graphics, thousands of sample questions and practice tests. 

Students can select the training they need and study at their own pace. Research shows that students who study for their college entrance exams are more comfortable, more confident and better prepared, resulting in higher test scores. 

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