Celebrating 125 Years of Helping Veterans and Their Families

VFW is commemorating its anniversary in many ways this year

This year marks the beginning of VFW’s celebration of its 125th anniversary. Founded on Sept. 29, 1899, VFW has made a legacy in the lives of veterans and their families – it is a legacy that endures.

As the nation’s oldest combat veterans organization, VFW has many opportunities this year for its members to recognize this momentous occasion.

VFW Celebrating 125 Years of ServiceAll VFW Posts are invited to be the catalyst to get their communities involved in commemorating the contributions of all veterans and their family members to our country during this anniversary year. In accepting this invitation to become a VFW 125th Anniversary Commemorative Community Service Post, such VFW Posts will receive due recognition.

Additionally, Posts are asked to encourage the communities to study the history of this era to help ensure a safer and better tomorrow.

To become a VFW 125th Anniversary Commemorative Community Service Post, visit vfw125.org.

Also at this anniversary site, check out the VFW Destination Posts section. As part of the celebration, VFW Magazine is featuring 125 Posts throughout the year. These VFW Posts are active in the communities and are located in destination locations.

Checkpoint would love to hear how your Post plans to celebrate. Email Jdyhouse@vfw.org and you may find your Post story in a future issue of Checkpoint.

This article is featured in the 2024 June issue of Checkpoint.