Scholarship Winner Headed to Law School

Newly engaged and on the road to success

“I couldn’t stand the idea of someone I didn’t know risking their life for me, my friends and my family,” said Charles Deibel, a.k.a., “Chuck.”

Deibel felt it was his job to make that sacrifice, so, in 2008, he enlisted in the Army. He served as an Airborne Ranger and quickly climbed the ranks to E-5/Sergeant.Scholarship Winner Heads to Law School

Now that Deibel’s home, he's focused on climbing different ranks. He’s using his GI Bill benefits to finish his undergrad in political science at the University of Arizona. Then he plans to move on to law school.

“I still have that same itch to serve my country in some aspect, whether that’s in politics or federal service, I don’t know,” said Deibel. 

Deibel’s plans were nearly interrupted when his GI Bill just didn’t cover it. Thanks to a VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship,” he no longer has to worry about that. 

“I can’t even begin to tell you how this scholarship is helping me,” said Deibel. “I was speechless when I heard the news. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to people I’ve never met before.” 

The assistance has put Deibel on the right foot as he prepares for graduate school. After all, his GI Bill benefits will run out completely once he’s completed undergrad. 

It’s also allowed him to focus on his new fiancé, Jenna Hartman, whom he proposed to on Christmas.

“It’s taken some of the stress off me as far as bills go,” said Deibel. “I can focus on my schooling and my wedding without having to worry about money, and where it’s coming from.”

The future is wide open for Deibel, but his goals are clear.

“I feel that if I work hard, stay positive and treat people the way I want to be treated, I can accomplish anything.”

Help A Hero scholarships are awarded twice throughout the year exclusively to service members and veterans and help cover the cost of tuition and fees. Scholarship applications are currently being accepted for the 2016 spring semester. For more information on the Help A Hero Scholarship program or to apply, click here