The VFW Remembers and Appreciates All Korean War Veterans

On each page of America’s history is written the sacrifice of our Armed Forces and the legacy of their accomplishments. But nowhere is it written more clearly about duty, honor and country than in the chapter dedicated to those who fought during the Korean War.

Regrettably branded as “The Forgotten War,” nearly 1.8 million American troops battled for a free and independent South Korea. Our service members fought against a formidable and determined enemy. They faced an extremely harsh environment and hardships – bitter cold, snow and ice in the winter, as well as blistering heat during the summer months.

America paid a heafty price to help keep South Korea free. 37,000 American troops lost their lives and more than 100,000 were wounded. And despite rising to meet the challenge of defending against communism … despite their courage and valor on the battlefield, when those who fought and bled in Korea returned home, they were met with indifference and apathy.

Perhaps, the importance of what they accomplished on this day 62 years ago wasn’t immediately evident, but it is certainly clear today: our Korean veterans are directly responsible for our victory in the Cold War.

On this 62nd anniversary of the end of the Korean War, the VFW remembers those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of democracy and it offers every Korean War veteran a sincere “thank you.” You are not forgotten. The VFW appreciates your selfless service, courage, indomitable spirit and devoted dedication to our nation.