Vietnam Veteran is Life-Long Veterans' Advocate

A calling to give back is fulfilled

Terry Jacobson served in the Navy from 1963-1967 aboard the U.S.S. Taylor. It was the summer after high school when he enlisted. He was 18, unemployed and looking for purpose.Vietnam Veteran Advocates for Others

Now 69 years old, Jacobson has spent his whole life serving and advocating for his fellow veterans. As a VFW Service Officer in Denver, veteran and 50-year VFW member, Terry Jacobson is a true veterans’ advocate.

Jacobson has served as everything from All American Department Commander to All American District Commander and, currently, Post Commander.

But Jacobson’s biggest reward comes from helping veterans receive their due from the VA.

“I love talking to the veterans, listening to their stories,” said Jacobson. “They tell me about their families. We talk about the war. It’s a very enjoyable job.”

Over the years, Jacobson has helped countless veterans get back on their feet. Two that stuck out to him were both WWII veterans.

“One man was captured at the end of the war,” said Jacobson. “They marched him all over Germany, from camp to camp. He suffered from severe back problems and PTSD.”

The other was shot down in Belgium in 1944.

“His daughter called me when his wife passed away, and I went to their house. He was rated at 100 percent.”

In perhaps his most personal case, Jacobson helped his wife’s uncle secure his benefits.

“We talked over breakfast one day. He injured his shoulder in WWII but had never done anything with the VA,” said Jacobson. “He lacked full range of motion in his shoulder and suffered from hearing loss and tinnitus. It was really hard for him because he was an avid golfer.”

Jacobson helped him get the care and benefits he needed to get back out there on the golf course.

“Any time I can help a veteran improve their quality of life, it’s a success,” said Jacobson.

Jacobson wants everyone to know he and the VFW are always here to help a veteran in need.

“We are out in the community, and we are happy to come to you,” said Jacobson. “You don’t have to be a VFW member. You don’t have to have gone to war. If you are a veteran, we are here always.”

As Jacobson continues his life’s mission to help veterans, he is especially hopeful about the future … the improvements the VA has made to its systems.

“With paperless claims, we now don’t have to wait for claims to travel from one desk to the other. In fact, fully developed claims are getting processed in as little as 90 days. It’s made a big difference for my veterans and certainly makes my job easier,” Jacobson concluded.

Photo: VFW Service Officer Terry Jacobson