Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

A message from VFW National Commander Stroud

March 30 is a very important day, not only to the VFW, but to all of America. It is a day dedicated to a generation of veterans who were made extraordinary by their commitment and lasting resolve.

In 2011, nearly 38 years after the final withdrawal of U.S. combat and combat-support troops from Vietnam, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating March 30, “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”  

From February 1961 – May 1975, more than 3,400,000 Americans served in support of the U.S military operations in Vietnam and Southeast Asia; more than 58,000 gave their lives.

Our Vietnam veterans are worthy of every praise, monument and memorial erected in their name. They served with a tenacious and indomitable spirit and returned to a homeland in political turmoil. Regrettably, their noble and steadfast service was overlooked by many upon their return. In many cases their sacrifice went unappreciated, dismissed or was even insulted.

Though long-overdue, today America recognizes each and every Vietnam veteran who did not receive the proper welcome home they earned and deserved. We praise their sense of duty, unselfish devotion and courageous willingness to put their country first.

We truly owe them a great debt. It’s because of their strength that the flame of freedom burns brightly today in countries all around the world. And it’s because of their vision for the future that no veteran will ever again return to an America unappreciative of one’s service and sacrifice.   

To all Vietnam veterans: today and every day, on behalf of the entire VFW, thank you for your service, and welcome home.