Family Receives VFW Assistance After House Fire

Unmet Needs answers family's call for help

With her husband Chris serving in Korea, Stacie Philippi returned home one day to the sound of fire alarms ringing and the smell of smoke. Issues with their home’s draining field and septic tank had caused a fire, which led to many unexpected house repairs. Insurance wouldn’t cover them, so the Philippis had to pay for everything themselves. To make matters worse, all repairs were required to be completed within six days to be in compliance with county laws. Stacie was forced to deplete the family’s savings to pay for the repairs.

On top of that, a few months after the incident, Chris received orders for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Even though the Army reimburses service members for their moving costs once they arrive at their new destination, the Philippis had to pay the money up front to make the trip.

After paying the expenses from the fire and the move, the family fell behind on their bills. That’s when members of VFW Post 9430 in Seattle, Wash., stepped in and helped them apply for a VFW Unmet Needs grant.

Within a week Stacie found out they had been approved for the grant. She felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. “I know my husband was grateful that the VFW was here for his family when he had to be so far away,” she said, remembering how they felt after receiving the assistance. “It has truly been a blessing and we will not soon forget the generosity and kindness we have seen from the VFW.”

Since 2004, VFW’s Unmet Needs Program has provided over 3,200 emergency financial grants for military families during troubling times.

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