VFW Honors US Army's 235th Birthday

Today is perhaps one of the most important days of the year for patriotic Americans both here at home and stationed abroad. On this momentous day, we celebrate Flag Day and the U.S. Army’s 235th year of service.

First organized as the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, today’s modern Army remains a formidable force in the defense of our nation and its interest worldwide. 
Perhaps more impressive than the long collective history of U.S. Army accomplishments is the integrity and dedication of each of its individual members. 

Throughout its 235 years, warfare has evolved. Name tapes, faces, terrain and ribbons have changed, but, the heart of the individual who wears the Army uniform and fights for the greater good of America has remained the same. 

Today, as we celebrate the United States Army and the Flag it protects, the VFW would like to offer every American soldier — past and present— a sincere “thank you.” We appreciate your courage, selflessness and dedication to ensuring America remains the “land of the free” and will always be the “home of the brave.”