Congress Pays Tribute to VFW's 110 Years of Service

September 29, perhaps better known among VFW members as VFW Day, has gained much deserved recognition, extending far beyond the VFW community.

The recently passed resolution, H.Res.483, officially introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives as Supporting the Goals and Ideals of Veterans of Foreign Wars Day was first introduced in May of 2009 by Rep. John Kline, life member of VFW Post 210. With 62 cosponsors in support of the resolution, it took only forty minutes of debate before the resolution was agreed to by voice vote.

An excerpt from the resolution reads: Whereas the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars celebrate the organization's establishment and achievements on September 29th while carrying on the vital mission of their predecessors: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives supports the goals and ideals of Veterans of Foreign Wars Day.

Rep. Kline had this to say of the VFW during the House session, “I applaud the members of the VFW for their continued commitment to one another and to this great Nation. I am humbled by their work on behalf of our veterans, and I am honored to speak on behalf of this resolution.” 

Rep. John Gingrey went on to state, “the brave men and women who sacrificed in the past for our present freedoms deserve our fullest support. Those who have served our nation represent the best our country has to offer, and we must honor them.”

The VFW was established September 29, 1899, when a small group of Spanish-America war veterans banded together to create one voice on behalf of all American veterans. Though the founders of this phenomenal organization are no longer with us, the strength and legacy they left behind has endured for the past 110 years.

Below lists only a few of the VFW’s recent accomplishments: