VFW Chief Calls on Vietnam Veterans Help in MIA/POW Mission

VFW Commander-in-Chief Glen Gardner is once again calling upon veterans of the Vietnam War to search their memory and files for any information that might be of value in determining the fate of Vietnam’s 300,000 MIAs and might be of assistance in the recovery of their remains.

Providing information of this nature to the Vietnamese government helps to generate good will among its people and further assists U.S. efforts in its investigative and recovery operations for America’s MIAs. Information is also needed for the Laotian and Cambodian governments to help account for their missing. 

VFW Commander-in-Chief Glen Gardner requests Department, District, Post, and VFW member assistance in gathering information that would help identify Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian gravesites. 

Such information or material may include veterans’ statements; photos and locations of battles or burial sites; battlefield souvenirs, especially if they contain names or other identifying information; personal effects, such as photos, letters or identification documents taken from casualties; sketch maps, etc.

Any information that would help in this recovery effort should be forwarded to:

Michael Wysong
Director, National Security & Foreign Affairs
VFW Washington Office
200 Maryland Avenue, NE 
Washington, DC 20002

All information collected will be turned over to the Vietnamese government at a time and place determined by the VFW commander-in-chief.

Note: The VFW national commander visited South East Asia March 2008 to discuss MIA recovery efforts. Click to read Glen Gardner's trip report

To find out more about VFW MIA/POW efforts and the annual POW/MIA Day, listen to VFW National Security and Foreign Affairs Director Michael Wysong on VFW's The National Defense talk-radio show. Click here and scroll down to the Sept. 18, 2008, program. You also can find out more about the POW/MIA mission and recognition day here