Join the Fun and Experience Comradeship at VFW National Convention

VFW members heading to Kansas City in July should expect one of the best conventions in years

When VFW members convene July 16-21 in Kansas City, Missouri, for the 123rd VFW National Convention, it promises to be one of the biggest events in years. It will mark the first time since 2019 that a full, in-person convention is happening.

In addition to conducting the vital business of the organization, a distinguished list of guest speakers will be heard by those attending. Election of a new slate of national officers will take place at the end of the convention.

2022 123rd VFW National Convention Logo ShieldThere is more to a VFW National Convention than that which is printed on the agenda. An important feature of VFW’s biggest national gathering is the camaraderie experienced by those who attend.

According to VFW Membership Director Rick Butler, one of the purposes of the VFW is to strengthen comradeship in its members.

“The national convention is the epitome of the fraternal side of the organization,” Butler said. “What better place to experience the bonds of comradeship than a VFW convention? There, members unite with fellow veterans from around the world.”

Butler added that if you are a member who has never attended, this is the year to do it since it is being held in Kansas City — the home of VFW National Headquarters.

“In between meetings and workshops, members are encouraged to head down the street to national headquarters for a tour,” Butler said. “Take a look around and see where the day to-day operations occur.”

If convention-goers do not have the time to visit headquarters, Butler said the “VFW Village” in the exhibit hall at the Kansas City Convention Center is a good place to chat with VFW employees.

“Membership has a large presence in the VFW Village,” Butler said. “But you also can find VFW donor services, the VFW Foundation, programs and the magazine department, among others.”

Butler said that VFW’s National Veterans Service department will have its VA-accredited service officers there to assist vets.

“If you know someone on the fence about joining VFW, encourage that person to come with you,” Butler said. “Or if you have a fellow member who has never attended a VFW National Convention, bring him or her with you.”

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This article is featured in the 2022 June/July issue of VFW magazine, and was written by Janie Dyhouse, senior editor for VFW magazine.