Veteran Cherishes Generosity and Sacrifices of Others

'Veterans have earned the opportunity to go to school [and] their unique perspectives forged from service are valuable in any field'

“Military service was something that I believe I owed our country,” said Forrest Enemark. “I felt an obligation to protect the opportunities and freedoms I’ve benefitted from, so that those that follow me may as well.”

Enemark, 26, of Albany, New York, served as a specialist in the Army Reserves for six years. Part of his time was spent in the Middle East in Kuwait, Jordan and Syria.

Army veteran Forrest Enemark
Army veteran Forrest Enemark
After service, he discovered the VFW's "Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship" and is earning his degree at Albany Medical College.

“To everyone who made this scholarship possible, you made a tangible difference by allowing a veteran to attend and afford medical school,” he said. “It’s reduced my debt burden and given me more financial freedom to focus on my education, rather than how I’ll pay for it.

“I’m lucky to have received it,” he continued. “I’ll keep that in mind in my future practice.”

Enemark looks forward to caring for his fellow Americans as a physician. He feels strongly that other veterans deserve the chance to pursue their goals.

“Looking back at the amazing people I served with, I truly believe all are suited to achieve academically,” he said. “As a veteran, he or she has undoubtedly experienced adversity, lacked resources and faced challenges; yet, they persevered.

“Veterans have earned the opportunity to go to school. Their unique perspectives forged from service are valuable in any field,” he explained. “Everyone benefits from their education.”

As Enemark continues his medical program, he is reminded of those who served before him.

“I would like to thank all VFW members and veterans in general, including those who are no longer with us, for their sacrifices that have allowed me to live the life I have,” he said. “My life, education and all the opportunities I’ve enjoyed were made possible because those before me were willing to sacrifice for us all.”

Applications for the spring 2023 semester will be accepted until the April 30 deadline.  Learn more about the VFW "Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship," or apply today!