Life Is Changed for the Better

National Guard veteran hopes others who are considering giving to the VFW realize the impact they can make

Rebecca Luna, 35, lives in Loveland, Colorado, with her husband Guy and children Hannah and Aedan. More than a decade ago, she enlisted in the military with her family in mind.

“I joined to give my kids a better life,” she said. “I was a single mother working several jobs to cover expenses. I didn’t want that for them.”

National Guardsman Rebecca LunaLuna served first in the Army Reserves and now is part of the Colorado National Guard. Her assignments have included time at Fort Carson and Buckley Air Force Base, both in Colorado, as well as a tour in Afghanistan.

In 2016, Luna herniated a disk in her back and required spinal fusion surgery. While deployed three years later, she suffered a disk slip. After a second surgery, she experienced severe joint pain and needed another fusion. Depending on her recovery, a fourth procedure may be necessary.

Since her initial injury, Luna has been on incapacitation pay. Typically, it takes months to receive funds, and it has been a struggle to make ends meet.

“As I waited on several processes to pan out, there was no feasible way to pay my mortgage and keep food on the table,” she shared.

Luna heard about the VFW Unmet Needs program from a veteran friend and applied.

The support helped her pay her mortgage on time. She thanks those who made it possible and hopes others who are considering giving to the VFW realize the impact they can make.

“Your donation has the potential to change a family’s life for the better,” she insisted.