Veteran Seeks Federal Position With VFW Assistance

'Without the people who made this scholarship possible, who knows what I would have done when I returned home'

At 21-years-old, veteran Lexy Llewellyn has plenty of years to achieve her dreams. But this Maryland resident isn’t wasting any time to begin her career in criminology. With the help of the VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” the road to graduation is a bit easier.

Veteran Seeks Federal Position with VFW AssistanceBefore setting sights on school, Lexy felt a strong call to be part of an organization bigger than herself so she could become her best while helping her country. She joined the Army in August 2016 and deployed to Iraq for a year as a specialist. Now she is an ROTC cadet in the US Army Reserve and attends West Virginia University.

Eventually, Lexy desires a position with a “three letter agency” because she knows how important it is to her to serve her country once again, this time at a federal level.

While her motivation and work ethic have always been strong, the costs associated with school were intimidating. Lexy wanted to be set for success without having several loans that would take years to pay off. She began to search for answers online and found the VFW.

“I want to thank the people who made my scholarship possible. College is expensive, but it is also a vital piece to starting a successful future. Without the people who made this scholarship possible, who knows what I would have done when I returned home,” Lexy stressed.

She is very grateful to have been given the comfort of being able to pursue her dreams with help and support from others. Currently, Lexy is not a member of the VFW but based on her positive experience with the scholarship program, she has intentions of joining after finishing her service in the military.

Lexy hopes her fellow veterans will turn to caring outside sources to reach their goals as well.

“There are ways through the military and private parties outside the military that will help and support your dreams the entire way. Do not give up on getting an education, where there’s a will, there’s a way!”