VFW Steps in After Vets Daughter Receives Cancer Diagnosis

“It warms my heart to see people still care about veterans”

The emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming in any circumstance. Sadly, so many parents grapple with the additional stress of coming up with the money to pay for chemotherapy.

Kenneth Vaughn, a former Army Specialist of Trenton, Ga., said he “felt he was drowning” when his ten-year-old daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer. Already struggling to pay household bills, Vaughn, a disabled veteran rated at 80%, felt his life unraveling around him.

“It came down to choosing whether I would pay my daughter’s medical bills out-of-pocket, or pay my utility bills on time,” Vaughn related. 

“My daughter is more important. She’ll always be my main priority, no-contest.”

Previously very active in his local VFW Post, Vaughn knew about the resources the VFW has available to veterans in a tight spot.

He said, “Anytime I’ve needed them, the VFW has always been there for me. They’ve helped more than I could ever say.”

VFW Unmet Needs paid Vaughn’s electric and water bills, and provided a Wal-Mart gift card to assist with groceries.

It’s been a difficult road for Vaughn ever since he was injured while on active duty in Iraq. But despite the obstacles he’s faced, Vaughn is proud to have served his country.

“My family has a long history of people serving in the military. I come from a very small, patriotic town – it was all I ever wanted to do.” 

Vaughn concluded that when his family “is in a better spot,” they will re-invest in the VFW. He remains thankful for the help from his fellow veterans and VFW supporters.

“It warms my heart to see people still care about veterans and their families.”

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