VFW Champions Added Benefits for Disabled Vet

'I want all veterans and active duty service members to know we’re working hard ... to make sure they get the benefits they’ve earned.'

Retired Master Sergeant Jim Carver, 53, of Powhatan, Va., describes the initial process of separating from the military as “hectic.”

A disabled veteran who served over 21 years on active duty, Carver “had the basics taken care of” with his initial VA claim. However, when he heard about the VFW’s National Veterans Service program, he reached out to his VFW Department Service Officer, Ms. Bobbiejo Lazo.VFW Service Officer Lazo

“Once I was on the phone with her, I knew I was talking to the right person,” Carver related. “She was extremely thorough in explaining the progress of my claim, what every letter from the VA meant and what my next steps should be. She was persistent in all communications with the VA.” 

A veteran herself, Lazo joined the VFW “for the chance to serve veterans and use my skills and passion for problem-solving.” Her duties as the VFW Department of Virginia Service Officer consist mainly of assisting with VA claims to include dependents.

Lazo said, “I truly believe ‘No one does more for veterans’ than the VFW. I want all veterans and active duty service members to know we’re working hard on the state and national levels to make sure they get the benefits they’ve earned.”

“This service had a tangible impact on my life, in that Ms. Lazo was able to significantly increase my disability rating,” Carver stated.

“As veterans, we’ve earned these benefits, including claims for disability and education,” he continued. “We earned them every time we were deployed. We earned them when we spent evenings and weekends on a field training exercise or at the range. We earned them every week we worked 70-80 hours. Veterans need to take advantage of this expert assistance when it comes to their VA claim.” 

Learn more about the VFW's National Veterans Service (NVS) program, or locate a VFW Service Officer near you.

Photo caption: Ms. Bobbiejo Lazo with sons Omar, age 11 (left), Solomon, age 10 (right).