Amplifying Veteran Voices in Health Care

During a recent survey, PatientsLikeMe asked veterans to share their experiences living with post-traumatic stress

Ever wondered how many other veterans are seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress (PTS)? What kinds of treatments they’re trying? And if those treatments are helping? At PatientsLikeMe, we’re also interested in the experiences of veterans and wanted to learn more about this community.  

PatientsLikeMe is an organization that works to bring people together. It’s a network of more than half a million members living with chronic conditions and connecting with others to learn, share and track experiences. 

In 2015, PatientsLikeMe partnered up with One Mind, a non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting those affected by brain illness and injury by transforming the approach to understanding mental health and addiction. As part of this collaboration, we asked PatientsLikeMe members who are veterans to share their experiences living with post-traumatic stress to help researchers understand the factors involved in seeking treatment. Nearly 700 veteran members living with PTS took the survey.

Here’s what we found…

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As a supporter of the VFW’s Mental Wellness campaign, we continue to be committed to bringing the veteran voice to the forefront by listening to and learning from the nearly 18,000 veterans on PatientsLikeMe. Keep an eye out, we’ll be sharing more stories and insights from some of your fellow veterans soon. 


PLM Author Sam KThis guest article was written by Sam K., with PatientsLikeMe.