VFW: America Must Remember 9/11

Those who wear the uniform secure every freedom

WASHINGTON — As the 15th anniversary of the worst attack on American soil approaches, the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States wants everyone to remember that America is still at war against those responsible for killing nearly 3,000 innocents in New York City, the Pentagon, and in an open field near Shanksville, Pa., as well as against radical Islamic terrorists who slaughter without mercy.

“Just as generations before me remembered the Alamo, the Maine and Pearl Harbor, I will never forget Sept. 11, 2001,” said VFW National Commander Brian Duffy.

He said the nonstop conflict has produced a lot of hindsight, but perhaps none more reassuring than to know that America’s military was capable of fighting a two-front war for 15 years with just an All-Volunteer Force. “That they have, and continue to do so magnificently, is testament to the high-caliber of today’s military, to our youth, and to their leadership,” said Duffy, who is the first Operation Desert Storm veteran to lead the nation’s oldest and largest major war veterans’ organization.

“They are the one percent who secure every freedom for every other American. They are the one percent who choose a harder path while others don’t, and they are the one percent who are still in the fight — in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other hotspots around the world,” he said.

“America was built on the service and sacrifice of many Americans, but our continued safety, security and freedoms fall squarely on the shoulders of those who wear the uniform — be they military or first responder. On behalf of nearly 1.7 million VFW and VFW Auxiliary members, I salute all who have and continue to serve and sacrifice for our great nation, and their families, too.”