Transition Leaves Staff Sergeant in Crisis

War took its toll, but the VFW was there to help

Robin Lore Lee from Huntsville, Ala., was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps for 17 years. Five combat deployments took her to Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and more.

“My grandfather, Robert E. Lee, was a drill instructor at Paris Island,” said Lee. “He inspired me to serve my country.”Robin Lore Lee

But war has taken its toll on Lee’s health.

“I have cancer, severe PTSD, migraines, torn ligaments in my shoulder and lower back and a degenerative disc in my spine,” said Lee.

Lee was Temporarily Retired from the Corps and received a 100% rating from the VA, but her inability to hold a job and a delay in benefits sent her into a financial tailspin.

“The transition from full-time to veteran was very tough. I needed some help,” said Lee.

That’s when Lee heard about VFW Unmet Needs from her local VFW Post. She applied and was awarded over $1,200 in financial assistance.

“The grant paid my utilities, car insurance and phone bill,” said Lee. “It’s been a huge relief.”

Lee is so grateful to the VFW and its supporters for the hand up.

“Thank you to everyone who helped me when I thought my world was coming to an end,” said Lee. “It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to help veterans.”

The VFW Unmet Needs program provides financial assistance to veterans, service members and their families who experience financial hardship due to their military service. Learn more about the program, or apply today.