Scholarship Helps Soldier Find His Way

Soldier chases his dream of becoming an engineer

Edward Feeley’s life plan was much like any other’s. High school. Then college, where he studied political science. But something wasn’t right.

“I lost interest in political science. I needed to find myself,” said Feeley. “When my friend enlisted sophomore year, I thought I could do that.”Scholarship Helps Soldier Find His Way

Feeley joined the Delaware Army National Guard and did two tours in Afghanistan, as well as two humanitarian tours in South America. Feeley started out as a plumber but soon found his interests lied elsewhere.

“I really loved working with engineers,” said Feeley. “So I cross-trained in vertical engineering.”

It was then that Feeley set his goal of becoming an engineer full-time. A VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” is helping to make that goal a reality. Feeley was awarded $1,200, which he is using to study engineering at Delaware Technical Community College. He’s currently in his second year.

“This scholarship takes a burden off of me and gets me closer to achieving my dreams,” said Feeley. “I am humbled and so grateful.”

Feeley has been a member of Post 838 in Port Penn, Del., since 2010. Still a member of the Army National Guard, Feeley may deploy again.

“I’m all in, so there’s always that possibility that I could go again,” said Feeley. “Until that day comes, I’m focusing on my studies.”

When Feeley earns his degree, he hopes to exercise his passion for old architecture by working in historical restoration.

“I hate to see all these old, beautiful buildings get torn down and replaced,” said Feeley. “As an engineer, I’ll do my part to preserve as much history as possible.”