24 Years Later, Persian Gulf War Veterans Are Not Forgotten

The VFW salutes America’s Operation Desert Storm heroes

April 11 marks the anniversary of the official cease fire of the Persian Gulf War. The public’s memory fades as years pass, and our speedy victory in Kuwait is often forgotten or shadowed by other conflicts. However, the VFW remembers and it takes this opportunity to honor and salute the Gulf War veterans who fought and selflessly sacrificed to liberate a nation occupied by Saddam Hussein’s evil tyrannical forces.

Our Gulf War veterans are remembered for not only liberating a country, but for reigniting the American spirit. For the first time, live broadcasts from war were cast into America’s homes and the American people were able to witness our nation’s heroes doing what they do best.

An excellent example of U.S. military prowess, the Gulf War was a model operation.

Though it lasted only a short time, each of its veterans helped achieve something meaningful. With nearly 700,000 servicemen and women serving in the Kuwait theater leading up to and during the Gulf War, our victory did not come without great cost. The war left 467 wounded and 374 service men and women paid the ultimate price.

The VFW remains dedicated to honoring all Gulf War veterans. They accomplished their objectives without fail and barring no setbacks, shaping a truly historic event in American history. Today, and every day, we thank them for their service.