VFW Honors and Salutes America's Iraq War Veterans

Dec. 15 marks the fourth anniversary since the end of the war

This week as the VFW reflects on the fourth anniversary of the end of the Iraq War, we honor and salute America’s more than 1.5 million Iraq War veterans and the 4,486 service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, we keep these brave Americans at the forefront of our minds. From that fateful September day in 2001 rose America’s New Greatest Generation of service men and women. They bravely answered our nation’s call, determined to protect and defend our freedom.

The frontlines of Iraq brought never-before-seen challenges and a cruel and harsh environment. As in generations before, those who served willingly left behind family and country to stand tall in the face of an unknown and unseen enemy.  

In an effort to help liberate a country from the clenches of a malicious government, they helped to weaken a terrorist network, empowered governments and trained militaries so they may have the opportunity to govern and defend themselves against the throes of evil.

No duty is greater than protecting America, our citizens, our ideals and our way of life. And this week, and every week, we salute and remember the American veterans of the Iraq War.

Thank you for your dedication, bravery and service.