VFW is First Veterans Organization to Join VA's #VetQ Initiative

VFW is proud to be a leader in helping veterans online

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs launched #VetQ, a new initiative that will provide quick and credible information and vast resources to any veteran, service member or family member seeking answers on a wide array of service-related questions.

The VFW was the first veterans service organization to join VA as an official partner to its latest veterans service endeavor and will play an active role in helping to fulfill #VetQ’s mission.

Anyone with a question pertaining to veterans’ benefits, entitlements, compensation, health care, etc., should submit their question via Twitter using #VetQ. The VFW will be on hand to provide the answers needed, efficiently and expeditiously.

“The VFW knows one of the biggest problems veterans face is getting accurate answers to their questions in a timely fashion. This bold initiative takes a 21st century approach and will undoubtedly help countless veterans and their families. We’re proud to be a part of it,” said VFW Communications Manager Randi Law.

During a time when hashtags are ubiquitous, the VFW knows this effective means of communicating will be utilized on a large scale and will work to assist countless veterans and service members each day. There are 255 million monthly active Twitter users, 78 percent of whom are on mobile. Perhaps more impressive, 500 million tweets are sent each day.

With an estimated 21 million veterans living today, this customer service initiative is the largest of its kind, and the VFW is extremely optimistic about the potential of this progressive approach to helping veterans in today’s world.

The VFW has experienced much success in its social media endeavors in recent years. It was the first, and remains the only, VSO to hold regular Facebook town hall meetings during which users can chat with a VFW subject-matter expert on topics ranging from the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the VA claims process or the VFW’s scholarship program. During the VFW’s recent national convention, hundreds of convention delegates used #VFWconvention to share their experiences.

The VFW maintains a sizable social media following with approximately 480,000 followers on Facebook, more than 21,000 on Twitter and 50,000 on Google+.