VFW Calls on Shinseki to Restore Credibility

Kansas City, Mo. — The Veterans of Foreign Wars will not stand by while veterans seeking the health care they have earned and deserve languish. Deliberate and concerted efforts to neglect and ignore the needs of the critically ill cannot be labeled as anything less than criminal malfeasance. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ failure to monitor or audit the processes at its Phoenix facility, given the history of problems and complaints there, is an appalling example of failed leadership.

 Although the VA has an Inspector General, we feel that given the controversial allegations that have recently come to light this position is arguably akin to asking the fox to guard the hen house.

That is why the VFW will carefully scrutinize the procedures for treating veterans at all VA health care facilities. In addition, the VFW is calling for an independent review of the recent findings associated with the Phoenix investigation. 

This tragic breach of trust doesn't lie with doctors or nurses, but with the bureaucrats who are safely entrenched within the system.  It's time to eliminate the bonuses, fat paychecks and positions of those who would violate this most sacred trust. It is paramount that Secretary Shinseki move immediately to ensure measures are put in place to reestablish the credibility of the entire VA health care system and importantly, that of the office of the Secretary of VA.

Additionally, the VFW calls on Congress to move expeditiously in this matter and to ensure that concrete, corrective action is taken to ensure veterans experiencing issues with obtaining VA Primary and Specialty Care at other facilities are resolved.