Student Veteran Dedicated to Helping Fellow Veterans Receives Scholarship

After five years in the Army, America Luna transitioned into the life of a student veteran. During her years in the service, she was deployed twice and learned how to be an effective leader, a skill that proved to serve her well in her post-military endeavors.

Her leadership abilities helped her become the vice president of her university’s student veterans association and allowed her to help other transitioning veterans succeed.

Her college career was progressing nicely until she hit a speed bump. With just one semester left in her undergraduate studies, she had depleted her GI Bill benefits. The VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” was able to fund her final semester of college.  

She learned about the scholarship through the student veterans association’s Facebook page.

When America received the letter announcing she was one of the 43 scholarship recipients, she read it multiple times in disbelief, double checking to make sure she understood the letter correctly.

She views the VFW “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” as much more than just free money to pay for her tuition. “Through my academic and professional goals, this scholarship will provide me the chance to help the veteran population accomplish their dreams,” says America.

Currently, America is pursuing a degree in Human Services and plans to continue helping student veterans as a college advisor for veterans transitioning out of the military.

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