We Remember Pearl Harbor

Each year on December 7, the VFW remembers the attack that changed America’s destiny.

The attack on Pearl Harbor – 73 years ago – tested the resolve of Americans like never before. And although this infamous day produced numerous U.S. casualties, it also served to reignite a nation’s pride and determination.

The long odds our nation faced during the dark days following the attack served to fuel the indomitable American spirit and carried our nation to ultimate victory against the Axis powers.

The attack on Pearl Harbor taught America that we must be ever-vigilant against enemies to our way of life.  It taught our country the necessity of maintaining a strong national defense, and a well-trained, well-equipped military able to hinder and defeat the efforts of tyrants.

As the decades have passed, many survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack are no longer with us. But our nation remains inspired by their steadfast devotion to duty and their perseverance, and today, we are strengthened by the memory of their actions.