VFW’S Facebook Page Surpasses 300,000 Likes

Facebook community unites veterans and veterans' supporters

As the VFW National Headquarter’s official Facebook page reaches 300,000 likes, the VFW is shedding its image as an outdated organization and utilizing the benefits social media has to offer. In the last three years, the VFW Facebook page has increased by 90 percent.

The VFW Facebook page has evolved into a community of veterans and veterans’ supporters who come together to honor our veterans and military personnel, discuss veterans’ issues and take action to preserve the rights  of those who have earned them.

Just this year, the VFW’s Facebook community has successfully answered two “Action Alerts” issued by the VFW Commander-in-Chief to ensure lawmakers keep veterans’ best interests in mind. VFW Facebook users contacted their senators and congressional representatives to reinstate military Tuition Assistance programs and lower the precedence of the Distinguished Warfare Medal (DWM).

In addition to an engaging Facebook page, the VFW is also experiencing rapid growth on other social media channels such as Twitter and Google+. Earlier this year, the VFW began hosting monthly Twitter Chats to answer followers’ questions in real-time.

To stay up to date with veterans and military news and VFW programs and initiatives, visit the VFW Facebook page.