Action Alert: Contact Congress to Reinstate Tuition Assistance

Take action and show your support for S. Amdt. 72

The VFW needs you to immediately contact your members of Congress to urge their support of S.Amdt. 72 to HR 933, a bipartisan amendment to reinstate military Tuition Assistance (TA). 

Here’s why:

Because, when budget sequestration took effect earlier this month, military branches quickly suspended enrollment in their TA programs leaving countless service members wondering what to do next.

Cutting the TA programs forces service members to reach into their own pockets, tap into their earned veterans’ benefits, or seek civilian financial aid in order to satisfy personal and professional development that the military demands for advancement.

Senators James Inhofe and Kay Hagan have introduced the amendment (S.Amdt. 72) to the Continuing Resolution (H.R. 933) that would reinstate the military Tuition Assistance program. The amendment is scheduled for consideration on the Senate floor VERY SOON.

The VFW adamantly believes that Tuition Assistance is a critical military professional development tool that also enhances quality of life.

Tell your members of Congress to support S. Amdt. 72 to reinstate military Tuition Assistance today! 

To take action, click here.