Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Message

December 7 marks the 72nd anniversary of the deadly attack on Pearl Harbor that resulted in 3,500 Americans casualties. The attack altered America’s destiny and tested the will of the American people like never before. 

At the time, it was the most shocking and tragic day in our nation’s history. But it was also a day that served to ignite American patriotism and our great national spirit.    

America had never been so grievously wounded. But Americans refused to stay down, and they rallied together with determination and a sense of urgency with one goal in mind–to do whatever it would take to defend their home and freedom.  Thus, America’s “Greatest Generation” was born.   

Our collective response and ultimate victory in World War II sent a message to the world: America will never go quietly into the night. We will always fight back, and we will prevail.   

Though most of the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor and those who fought in World War II are no longer with us, we will always remember their courage and devotion to our country. They truly shaped America into what it would become over the next half century and beyond.  Generations of Americans remain forever grateful to them for their unyielding love of country and sacrifice.