BURGER KING® Franchises to Kickoff Nationwide Fundraiser to Support VFW

Annual fundraiser enters its seventh consecutive year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Foundation is pleased to announce that for the seventh consecutive year, BURGER KING® Franchisees across the country will host a fundraiser to benefit the VFW Unmet Needs program during the month of November. Patrons of participating BURGER KING® Restaurants are encouraged to donate $1 or more to the Unmet Needs program with the purchase of their meal. Through its annual fundraiser, BURGER KING® Franchises have contributed more than $2 million to the program to date.

The Unmet Needs program assists service members and military families during times of financial hardship by providing emergency financial grants to help with basic necessities like rent, mortgage and utility payments, medical expenses and groceries. It recently expanded its reach by making funds available to the families of fallen service members to supplement the death gratuity payment that temporarily ceased as a result of the government shutdown. Since 2004, the program has provided approximately $4.7 million in aid to America’s service members.

BURGER KING® Franchisees know this is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to the men and women in our military. The money contributed by our loyal customers helps so many military families make ends meet during these tough financial times. BURGER KING® Franchisees have pledged to be there for our military families until all needs are met,” said Mike DeRosa, a franchise owner, and spokesperson for the group.

“Participating BURGER KING® Franchise owners and their customers are incredible, patriotic Americans who truly understand the urgent financial challenges that military service personnel and their families often experience. Through their commitment to this campaign, the morale of thousands of U.S. troops has been greatly boosted,” said VFW Foundation Manager Richard Freiburghouse. “Our brave heroes know they will never be forgotten in their time of financial need and that Americans truly care about their well-being.”