Unmet Needs Helps Family Stay Cool During Heat Wave

Grant helps cover cost of new AC

Having four children and a military spouse, Stephanie Hilpp knows how to handle the home front when things get tough. Unfortunately, the summer of 2012 hit the Hilpp family especially hard.  

Stephanie took time off of work to see her husband deploy, and then to care for her sick children just before the merciless and untimely heat wave of 2012 hit the U.S. The Hilpp’s finances were already stretched and causing strain on the family when unexpectedly, their air conditioner went out.  

Being the resourceful military spouse that she is, Stephanie searched for a replacement air conditioner. After settling on one and bargaining on the price, she was able to purchase one with a payment plan. However, she remained concerned about her family’s finances.  

Turning to some material from her Family Readiness Group, she reached out to facilitators of the VFW’s Unmet Needs program. The program assists military families when an unexpected financial hardship occurs, often due to deployment. Unmet Needs provides qualifying applicants with grants to assist with the cost of basic life needs, such as utilities, insurance, clothing, or in this case, a much needed air conditioner during one of the worst heat waves to hit our nation in years.  

The Hilpps received a grant to help cover the cost of the new air conditioner. Stephanie’s stress was immediately relieved when she heard the news. “In my time of need they were able to provide support for me and my family,” says Stephanie.  

Since 2004, VFW’s Unmet Needs program has provided over 3,200 emergency financial grants for military families during troubling times.  

To learn more about the Unmet Needs program or other VFW National Military Assistance programs, click here.