Nevada Archery Club Donates to NMS

The Elko Archery Club donated $500 to troop support program

VFW National Military Services Update 

The Elko Archery Club in Elko, Nev., recently donated $500 to VFW’s National Military Services (NMS). The club is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering, expanding and perpetuating the practice of field archery, as well as the use of bow and arrow to hunt wild game.  

Each year the club holds an Indoor Safari 3-D Shoot with over 500 archers, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to charity. “This year we had club members nominate and vote on who they wanted to donate half of our proceeds to. The VFW was one of our winners,” said club secretary Joan Holland.   

Initially the club approached their local VFW Post 2350 about receiving the donation, but Post Commander Mike Musgrove and past Commander Gil Hernandez recommended VFW’s National Military Services for the donation.
After learning about the programs NMS offers, members of the Elko Archery Club agreed. Club president Tim Bottari explained that members of his club understand the importance of supporting military families. “We feel the programs provided by National Military Services, with regards to military families, fulfills our goal of helping a very important and often overlooked sect of our society,” he said.
The Elko Archery Club has several members with ties to the military and VFW. Holland said members include veterans of several wars, specifically WWII, Korea and Vietnam. There are also members whose parents served or are involved with the VFW. 

“Every day we hear the phrase 'Support Our Troops.' Unfortunately we, as a society, tend to forget the folks at home, those families that make the ultimate show of support by having their loved ones away from home. It is difficult enough having a loved one away from home and family; it should not be a burden financially as well,” said Holland.  

“From the Elko Archery Club, thank you for all that you do!” she exclaimed. 
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