VFW Reunites Military Family

It added up to an unforgettable Father’s Day.

SSG Richard Kimball comes from a military family and is proud to serve his country. However after four deployments, he learned he would be discharged due to hearing loss incurred from his years of service. 

Richard had lost his civilian job, and his family struggled to keep up with the bills. Needing assistance to get back on track, they applied for a grant from VFW’s Unmet Needs program and were approved.   

More good news followed when Richard found a new job. Unfortunately it proved to be another test for his family. The job was in North Dakota, far from his home and family in Michigan. He would have to endure months at a time without seeing them. 

Months later Richard got the surprise of his life. The Kimballs were chosen from a database of VFW Unmet Needs recipients to receive a special honor as the VIP Military Family for a weekend at Michigan International Speedway. The VFW Foundation provided the airfare to fly Richard to Michigan for the trip, and he was able to reunite with his family on Father’s Day weekend. 

“I never asked to be rich, just food and clothes and a roof over our heads and my bills paid on time. My family is my first priority in my life, no matter where I am,” said Richard. 

As part of the VIP treatment, the Kimballs received complimentary accommodations in a RV at the speedway, pace car rides, garage tours and access to drivers’ meetings. They were also recognized onstage during the pre-race ceremonies to represent the VFW Foundation’s Salute to Military Fathers. It all added up to an unforgettable Father’s Day for a very deserving family. 

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