Wounded Soldier Gets Frequent Family Visits, Thanks to Unmet Needs

Unmet Needs connects family with injured National Guardsmen

VFW National Military Services Update 

Army National Guard MSG Robert Swann was injured while deployed in Iraq in 2010. Shortly after, he was sent to the Warrior Transition Unit at Ft. Gordon to receive treatment for his wounds.  

His stay at Ft. Gordon would last several months, as he recovered from both his physical and mental injuries.  

Unfortunately, Robert’s wife Margaret and their three children lived nowhere near Ft. Gordon. Their house was 530 miles away in Mississippi. Despite the distance, Margaret was determined to visit Robert as often as possible. She and the children made the trek to Ft. Gordon every three to five weeks.  

The Swanns soon learned that the distance itself wouldn’t be the only obstacle for them; the cost associated with making the frequent trips to Ft. Gordon was taking a toll financially.  

Fortunately they were aware of the VFW Unmet Needs program, thanks to some Military Family Life Counselors at Camp Shelby in Mississippi.  

The Swann family knew the Unmet Needs program provided emergency financial assistance to military families facing circumstances just like their own. They contacted the Unmet Needs office and requested help for the extra expenses associated with the trips to see Robert. 

When Margaret learned her family had been approved for a grant she was overjoyed. The Unmet Needs program lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders.  

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