Family Gets a Hand Up from VFW Unmet Needs

Car repairs put family in a tight spot

Deployments are never easy on any military spouse, but it was particularly hard on Jackie Foster when her husband Dale was deployed.  

Jackie suffers from severe immune deficiency disorder and has frequent medical appointments for her treatment. She’s unable to work because of her health issues, so the Fosters rely solely on Dale’s income. 

When Jackie’s vehicle needed repairs it put her in a tight spot. Not only did she require transportation to get to her many appointments, but the Fosters needed financial assistance for the unexpected car repairs. 

Luckily the Fosters were familiar with the VFW Unmet Needs program, thanks to a presentation by VFW members at Dale’s military base. Jackie applied for assistance through the program, and soon learned the Fosters were selected as a recipient of a grant. 

Jackie was extremely grateful for the help and was surprised by the quick turnaround. The repair shop received the money within a few days, and the repairs only took one day.  

“We were having a rough time…but due to the VFW we were able to get the help we needed in a timely manner! We cannot thank everyone enough!” said Jackie. 

“I thought this experience was amazing. There is a lot of paperwork to get together, but the VFW just wants to make sure they are really helping a family in need, so it's understandable. I had thought it was going to be a long process, but in fact, it was not,” she continued. 

Jackie also expressed gratitude for every Unmet Needs supporter who makes the program possible.We would like to thank everyone who donates and participates in the VFW program....taking the time to help military families in need is amazing.” 

She said the last year has been hard on her family, but now she’s hopeful about the future. “After we got this grant things have been looking up for us.” 

To learn more about the Unmet Needs program or other VFW National Military Services programs, click here.