Arkansas VFW Post Works with NMS to Assist Family

unexpected car repair leaves family in a bind

Michelle Brandon attends college while her husband pursues his military career. Their monthly finances are in order, but when his car needed unexpected repairs while he was deployed Michelle needed some assistance. 

She reached out to the VFW through’s “Contact Us” page. “My grandmother was involved in the VFW when she was alive, and I remembered that it was a place that would always try to help a military family in need,” explained Michelle.  

Her request for help was sent to a representative in VFW National Military Services (NMS), who then contacted the VFW Department of Arkansas. Arkansas Adjutant Christine Oldham emailed Benton, Ark., Post 2256 Commander Mike McCune and explained there was a local military family in distress. 

Mike went right to work, and contacted Michelle that day. “I was called within a few days…Michael McCune had called and emailed me to see what he could do to help,” said Michelle. “I was so relieved when I found out that Post 2256 was going to help me.  It is very stressful to have to take care of everything while my husband is away and it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders,” she continued.

Mike and two other Post 2256 members promptly purchased replacement parts for the car and installed them themselves, free of charge to the Brandons. Post 2256 was then reimbursed for the cost of the parts by VFW’s Unmet Needs program. 

Michelle is truly grateful for everyone’s help. “I would like to thank Post 2256 and the Unmet Needs program for helping my family. Deployments are hard on families…and any time a stressor is removed is a good thing. This was a wonderful experience in all aspects,” she said.   

Mike was happy to get involved. “That is why we are here, to serve and help veterans,” he said. “I think it is VERY important the VFW assists military families in need, especially if the spouse is deployed.” He added that the Brandon family is just one of several Post 2256 has assisted while a spouse has been deployed. 

To learn more about the Unmet Needs program or other VFW National Military Services programs, click here.