VFW Announces Legislative Priorities for 2011

VFW Legislative Director Raymond Kelley outlines new goals for the upcoming year.

As a new decade begins, VFW is more determined than ever to fight for key veterans’ issues.

“We’ve set some fierce objectives in this year’s Priority Goals, and we’re determined to see it through for our veterans,” explained Raymond Kelley, VFW Legislative Director. “But we need a lot of support to get the job done.”

Kelley is calling on all VFW members and friends to re-dedicate to take legislative action in the year ahead.

Among the issues on the table:

Improving VA Health Care—VFW is urging Congress to ensure quality care for all sick and disabled veterans. This would include increased funding for suicide prevention and treatment of PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and gender-specific disorders.

Creating a Seamless Transition—VFW is encouraging Congress to ensure our veterans receive timely benefit processing, viable training and employment and education programs.

Improving the VA Claims Process
— VFW is urging Congress to find a workable solution to improve efficiencies, decrease claims processing times and reduce the number of errors.

Ensuring Military Quality of Life
—VFW is fighting for increased pay and adequate housing and work facilities for service members and their families. 

Learn more and access our complete list of Priority Goals.