VFW Program to Assist Former Marines

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Regiment at Quantico, VA, has agreed to provide a new level of service to recently discharged Wounded Warriors.

Any former Marine who has a claim pending at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or wants to file a claim with VA will be referred to a VFW service officer near them who will be happy to discuss their claim and how to obtain the most correct decisions possible from VA.

VFW Department Service Officers and their staff undergo extensive training in order to represent veterans before the VA. They know the process, what to expect and how decisions are made. More important, they are trained to know which decisions are right, and which are not. Their job is to represent veterans. 

If you have filed a claim with VA, or want to file a claim, use the link, below, to contact us. We will refer you to a service officer near you who will talk to you about your claim and outline the help we can give you. 

If we can help please provide your name, county and state where you live, along with a daytime phone number, and send it to: