Lifelock, Inc. Donates $50,000 to VFW Foundation's Operation Uplink Free Call Days Program

KANSAS CITY, Mo.The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Foundation announced today that it has received a $50,000 gift from LifeLock, Inc., a leader in identity theft protection services, in support of its VFW Operation Uplink™ “Free Call Days” program.

Since 2006, VFW Operation Uplink™ “Free Call Days” has provided over 3 million free long-distance telephone connections from active duty troops stationed abroad to their families. Service personnel utilize a network of over 860 MWR (SpaWar) Internet cafés in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait to place calls to family and friends in the United States. Call days occur primarily on holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, etc., with over 1,000,000 average minutes of talk time per event.

LifeLock has committed to sponsor a “Free Call Day” on September 29, 2009 (VFW Day), which highlights the numerous accomplishments of the VFW over its 110-year history. Callers will hear a recorded message announcing that LifeLock is the sponsor of their free call. More information is available at

Allen “Gunner” Kent, VFW Adjutant General, stated: “We are grateful that a patriotic company such as LifeLock realizes that our VFW Operation Uplink™ “Free Call Days” program directly boosts the morale of America’s courageous troops and our injured veterans. LifeLock is making an incredible difference by providing urgently-needed communication between these individuals and those they love.”

“We are proud to be involved with such a worthwhile program. Our company strongly believes in supporting U.S. troops abroad, their families back home in the U.S. and our veterans who have defended America often at great personal sacrifice,” said Todd Davis, LifeLock CEO. “Our involvement emphasizes that LifeLock is committed to letting our troops and veterans know that an America company like LifeLock truly cares.”