Thanks to the Soldiers Who Served During Vietnam

I would just like to say thank you so very much to all the organizations that have supported this program with your contributions. It means so much that so many go out of their way daily to show us, the Soldiers, how much they appreciate the sacrifice that we give daily for our nation. 

I'm so glad to be a part of this generation to see how our country has truly changed from the Vietnam era. I can't even begin to imagine how it was for those Soldiers and how they were treated after going through some of the things that they had to endure. 

So often I've been in uniform and many who've served during the Vietnam era have come up to me and said thanks for serving. I take my hat off to them and say thanks to them for all they've done to pave the way. I believe because of what they endured, I'm blessed and able to receive so many blessings like a free phone call, today. 

By no means do I take it for granted when the recorded tells me this call is free, thanks to whatever organization that contributed during that time. I think it's a great program that SPAWAR has set up and I'm truly grateful for it. 

Again for what it's worth, I owe my gratitude to the Soldiers of the Vietnam era for all the benefits I'm able to receive today. Thanks to all of you for all you've done, do, and all you continue to do. 

God Bless You
SFC Stewart
(Deployed to Iraq)