Posts with Strong Auxiliaries Do Well

Revitalizing your VFW Post can make it more successful

VFW has made great strides this year in membership. At press time, the organization was on track to hit 102 percent in membership.

VFW’s Membership Department offers congratulations to everyone helping to make this possible.

Post and Auxiliary members give back to the community
Post revitalization efforts may be large or small depending on the situation. Hosting events to attract the community to the Post or gathering volunteers for a simple makeover of the Post are just two examples of what it means to work toward Post revitalization. The stronger the community ties, the healthier the Post’s membership will be.
To keep this trend going, VFW Membership Associate Director of Post Development and Revitalization Corey Hunt urges Posts that may be struggling to work on revitalization efforts.

“A Post with good community ties will be a successful Post,” Hunt said. “Events held at the Post whether big or small is healthy for the membership of the Post.”

Hunt added that each Post revitalization story is unique. Perhaps it is a Post that made changes to its home to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act ordinances or a Post that offered up its
property to serve as a community garden.

It could be the act of gathering food trucks in the Post parking lot, thereby drawing the community to the Post.

“We do a lot of things at Posts throughout the year that count as revitalization,” Hunt said. “It doesn’t necessarily take a large, impactful effort, but small efforts combined.”

Hunt encouraged Posts with Auxiliaries to work closely with them for greater impact.

“Even small endeavors by Auxiliaries can make a difference in the revitalization of Posts,” Hunt said. “It is no secret that Posts with strong Auxiliaries do well. Most of those are All-American Posts.”

As an added incentive, Departments that charter a new Post or have a struggling Post that is revitalized will receive an award.

That award is a $250 VFW Store credit given to the Department to be used for new Post materials. Additionally, the Membership Department sends new Posts a New Post Charter Kit from the VFW Store. Hunt noted that this award is subject to change each program year.

“Ultimately, revitalization efforts are ongoing and keep Posts from defaulting,” Hunt said. “If it is not happening, the Posts would not be able to exist.”

This article is featured in the June/July 2023 issue of VFW magazine, and was written by Janie Dyhouse, senior editor for VFW magazine.