'Our Mission is Not Done'

Colorado VFW gets memorial highway dedicated

A section of Highway 115 (mile markers 15-27) in Colorado’s Fremont County is now known as Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Warriors Memorial Highway thanks to the efforts of VFW’s Department of Colorado and its VFW Warriors Motorcycle Organization.

According to VFW Warriors Terry Mullins, the work on the highway naming began in 2022 with a petition to the state of Colorado. On April 21, 2022, VFW representatives including Department of Colorado Commander Gerri Rimpley, gathered at the state capital to hear the reading of Colorado Senate Joint Resolution 22-012, which authorized the highway name.

VFW Department of Colorado gets Memorial Highway honoredMullins said there was not one “nay,” as every senator agreed to accept the resolution.

“Because of that resolution, we now have a memorial highway that is dedicated to our fallen warriors,” said Mullins, adding that there are about 200 riders in the organization.

The Colorado VFW Warriors began in 2004 at VFW Post 101 in Colorado Springs. One of its members, Army Sgt. Bobby Clark was killed in a motorcycle accident on April 8, 2006, in Penrose, Colorado.

The following year, the riders held their first memorial ride from Colorado Springs to Penrose in remembrance of Clark. Mullins said since then, the annual ride has grown to be part of each of the Department’s eight Districts. 

On April 22 during the 2023 memorial ride, the Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Warriors Memorial Highway signs were erected. The signs were paid for by VFW District 2 and District 5 Warrior members. 

“This is just one of many projects that the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Colorado has done to promote and support all of our past, present and future veterans and their families,” Mullins said. “The VFW Warriors continue to strive to make our communities aware that our mission is not done. We will always be there for our veterans and families in need.”