VFW Troubled by Reports of Veterans Moved for Profit

State reps work to ensure relocated veterans’ needs are being met

WASHINGTON — The VFW is actively following the recent news that nearly two dozen homeless veterans were suddenly forced to find alternate temporary housing when suburban New York City hotels, to include the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh, said they could no longer accommodate them. The VFW is deeply troubled by reports indicating the move was in effort to turn a higher profit by offering these rooms for government use.

The VFW Department of New York remains actively engaged with state government, local municipalities, and regional VA offices to ensure the needs of these veterans are being addressed, and on Wednesday VFW representatives will attend a State Veterans Council meeting where the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Veterans Services will provide a status update.

Through a continued partnership with Humana, the VFW Department of New York, remains committed to alleviating veterans homelessness and food insecurity, raising and donating nearly $80,000 to shelters throughout the state in 2021-2022.

Nationally, the VFW remains committed to helping combat veterans homelessness and actively advocates for increased funding for HUD-VASH vouchers, grant and per diem payments, and pilot programs geared to assist veterans in their time of need. It encourages any veteran who is, or at risk of homelessness to visit www.va.gov/homeless or contact the VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 877.424.3838 for assistance.